Pipe Fittings

We Deliver Stainless Steel Fittings throughout NZ

Are you looking for stainless steel pipe fittings in NZ for personal, business or industrial use? Look no further than The Metal Company. While we are known for providing high quality stainless steel fittings for the food and beverage industry, our range of superior products are ideal for a range of applications.

Need to connect two or more pipes, extend or stop pipe runs or change its direction? Shop with us and find what you need. Whether you are looking for a pipe reducing tee, a 90˚ weld bend, end cap or concentric reducer, you will find the best solution here on our website. All of our stainless steel fittings have been made to the highest standard to ensure the best results for our customers.

The Right Product for Your Needs

As pipes are used to carry fluids, gas and solids, it is important to ensure the right stainless pipe fittings for your application. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, The Metal Company team has extensive product knowledge. We are happy to assist our clients in choosing the right item for their needs and offer advice to help you get the most out of your purchase. To discuss your requirements with our team, simply give us a call on 0508 304 316.